Soap Pretty by French Country Soaps is a soap company founded in 2014 from Ottawa (Stittsville), Ontario, Canada.

We take pride in the quality & craftsmanship of our products and we hope you will love using our soap as much as we love making it.

We create small batches of luxurious natural soaps. There are never two alike. We have done research in therapeutic ingredients to help benefit the skin.


Welcome to "Soap Pretty by French Country Soaps"

Why use Handmade Soap?

Why should you use handmade soap? Have you ever taken the time to look at the ingredient list of your favourite commercial bar of soap? It's full of chemicals, detergents and preservatives.

We specialize in beautiful artisan handmade designer vegetable glycerin soaps.Our soaps are formulated with pure essential oils, distinctive blends of fragrances, and some of the best ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer, such as shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil and grape seed oil.

Each bar is packaged and tagged by hand. We are very proud of the fact that our soaps are therapeutic, beautifully fragranced, decorative and above all, personalized for every body.

When you order from us, you're not getting old, stale products that have sat on shelves for months after a long voyage halfway across the world on a cargo ship, you are getting made to order, carefully crafted, premium luxury products made from the finest ingredients available. We produce them in small batches to ensure that the fragrances are richer and long-lasting, the textures are smoother, the freshness can be seen and felt, and the overall quality is unmatched.

During Social Distancing, are we still able to place our orders online?

Yes, our website will remain functional for all online purchasing.

Then choose the delivery service you wish (curbside pickup, delivery or mail).

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Vegetable Glycerine Soaps | The Science & Your Health

Glycerol (also called glycerine or glycerin) is a simple polyol compound. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic.

Due to having antimicrobial and antiviral properties it is widely used in FDA approved wound and burn treatments.

The Red Cross reports that an 85% solution of glycerin shows bactericidal and antiviral effects, and wounds treated with glycerin show reduced inflammation.

Glycerol is a component of glycerin soap. Essential oils and fragrance oils can be added for fragrance. This kind of soap is used by people with sensitive, easily irritated skin because it prevents skin dryness with its moisturizing properties. It draws moisture up through skin layers and slows or prevents excessive drying and evaporation.

Soap is created by mixing fats and oils with a base, as opposed to detergent which is created by combining chemical compounds.

Humans have used soap for cleaning for millennia. Evidence exists of the production of soap-like materials in around 2800 BC in ancient Babylon.

For making natural hand & body soaps, triglycerides (oils and fats) are derived from coconut, olive, or palm oils.

Triglyceride is the chemical name for the triesters of fatty acids and glycerin.

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Where to sense our Soaps:

A Fine Selection of our Soaps are available at:

West Ottawa
Central Ottawa

Hallmark Carlingwood
@ Woodroffe Ave.
2121 Carling Ave,
Ottawa, ON K2A 1H2

Westboro - Hintonburg
Tinseltown Christmas Emporium
(Click here to see inside)


Marie Antoinette & co

1096 Somerset St West
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 3C7

Downtown Ottawa - The Glebe
J.D. Adam Kitchen, Home & Gifts
(Click here to see inside)
@ Bank St. & Third Ave, 795 Bank St.
Ottawa, ON K1S 3V7

Hallmark St Laurent
@ St Laurent Shopping Centre
1200 St Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, ON K1K 3B8


South Ottawa
East Ottawa

Hallmark Barrhaven
@ Greenbank & Strandherd
Chapman Mills Marketplace
3161 Greenbank Rd a7
Nepean, ON K2J 4H9


Hallmark Orleans
@ Trinity Crossing Shopping Centre
4240 Innes Rd Unit J5
Orleans, ON K4A 5E6

Perth Ontario
Dragon Moon
(Click here to see inside)
@ 2 Gore St E
Perth, ON K7H 1H5


"If I die and go to heaven I'd imagine it would smell like French Country Soaps!"
-Dragon Moon Gift Boutique, Perth, ON


Seasonal (April - December)
Make it Green Garden Centre Gift Boutique
5200 Flewellyn Rd.
Stittsville, ON (at Eagleson Rd.)
K2S 1B6

Renfrew Ontario
A Sense of Country
169 Raglan St S
Renfrew, ON K7V 1R2

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In your words...

"I absolutely love your products. I purchase them at craft shows and JD Adam in the Glebe. Given the bizarre environment we are all currently in - your wonderful soaps bring a delight and appreciation of the little things in life that make such a big difference. Thank you for your craftsmanship and for sharing your talents with others."
-Emily M., in the Glebe, Ottawa

"I have placed two orders with French Country Soaps and there will be plenty more including referring them to my friends and family. The first time I placed an order was about 7 months ago and was extremely satisfied with the speed and simplicity of the transaction and delivery. Top notch customer service. Just when I didn't think it could get better I was blown away the second time. I ordered 20 bars of soap one afternoon and within an hour, my order was confirmed since everything was in stock. The person I spoke to was extremely helpful and courteous. I explained that even though I live in Ottawa, I would rather have them shipped as quickly as possible since I was getting ready to deploy overseas and just didn't have the time to go to the other end of the city. All I can say is "Wow!" because the next day, just after noon my order was at my front door! This is why I buy local and support the smaller guys. Customer for life."
-Ryan S., Ottawa


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